Innovative Integrated Cryptography Solutions

Helping businesses addressing business pain points and providing services with our blockchain expertise

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What We Provide

We are driven by the aim to identify and seize opportunities from disruption to deliver transformational outcomes for a new decentralized digital world

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Assist & design a NFT Marketing Strategy, Development of NFT marketplace, Auction platform.
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ICO Solutions

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Ideation, Token Launch Preparation/Token Issuance Plan/ Token Generation.
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Full suites of services – Digital Assets, Payment, Exchange, Collection & Smart Contracts.

What We Believe

Client Focus

We navigate our clients’ journey toward being high-performance businesses and create long-term relationships by being responsive and consistently delivering value


Our core corporate values of honesty and encourages team members to communicate positive and negative information with our clients


Our dedicated teams are driven by the common goal by providing the best-in-class solutions to our clients with the highest class of client satisfaction


We uphold the highest standards of governance and orchestrate business processes with moral and intellectual integrity

Landed Cases

Previously satisfied customers

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Wine collection and trading platform

Cooperating with world-renowned wineries to help them issue and auction rare red wine corresponding NFTs

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Having cooperated with world-renowned wineries with the auction of rare, premium red wine with encrypted and safe blockchain non-fungible tokens(NFTs). This provides our investors with high quality red wine auctions without worry of credit card or bank account transfers, whilst providing more access to premium red wine.
Wine companies have used our PAAS system to issue rare red wine as NFTs, allowing investors to access and bid on these NFTs internationally with a secure digital payment. Using our CAAS system, wine companies can then seamlessly avoid storage and logistic issues without involving cash.
Additionally, SCAAS can allow a smart-contract to be signed which anticipates future purchases, saving both time and headache from logistical issues.
Conclusively, ZT aims to use our NFT, PAAS, CAAS and SCAAS systems in conjunction to link firms, consumers and distributors alike seamlessly via our unique blockchain technology.
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Cars online payment

Innovatively created Singapore's first digital payment solution for online car purchase for a well-known Singaporean automobile trading company

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ZT is proud of having created Singapore’s first digital payment solution for online car purchases, collaborating with a well known Singaporean automobile trading company. Through ZT’s comprehensive solutions, clients can complete new car purchases and bank loans completely online. Car enthusiasts will be glad to hear they may soon be able to pay for their dream cars with cryptocurrency just with a few clicks. Simultaneously, ZT utilizes a unique NFT to each car, allowing insurance, maintenance and selling records to be monitored through the use of the car. Through ZT’s technology, buyers can feel relieved when purchasing second hand or modded cars and increase the speed of their purchases.

About us?

Incorporated in Singapore in 2018, Z Turing is focused and dedicated to blockchain technology. With a team of highly skilled developers and consultants, we are able to develop a full suite of blockchain solutions to address the needs of the 21st century